Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10-2009 Anna Marie & Justin's wedding

We had a wonderful time at the Little Rock Peabody.  We all loved seeing the ducks walk down.
If you look closely you can see that the boys both got into the whiskey at diner. Well... the box.
Cade and Price didn't mind posing for pictures.   

9-2009 Carrie's birthday

Us girls always have a great time together, especilly now that we have lots of kids for
entertainment. It is always great to celebrate with friends.

9-2009 Family Girls Trip

This is our 1st family girs weekend. Mom(Marion), Amy ,Krista and me had a great time together. We are pretty goos shoppers as you can see. The bags are two days of us all shopping tell we dropped. Mom got us some great sunglasses and we all got to have our makeup done. A great weekend together.

8-2009 Great Wolfe Lodge

What a wonderful time we had at Great Wolfe Lodge. Mum came with us to see all the smiles. She isn't in any pictures due to swimming suits and not wanting to be in trouble. :) Lots of great fun & food. We went the week that school started in the metroplex and had the run of the place. No waiting for anything. It was the way to go! cade keeps asking to go back.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Price's swimming lessons

I have taken Cade year round for swimming
lessons once a week for three years, so.... now Price gets to go. Hopefully he will learn the skiills he needs and have lots of fun. cade hated going at first but now loves it. Time will tell how Price will do.

Great Wolf Lodge 8-09

If you ever get the chance go.go! We all had such a great time. So much to do the boys were always busy. It was great to have Mum with us. We could all use an eaxtra pair of hands! Thanks Mum, we had a blast

Big boy room

Cade moved up. I know, I know... Finally. He was getting really close to the ends of his crib/toddler bed. Now we have moved on to pirate room.